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Otpad Web Preferences

The following settings are web preferences of the Otpad web. These preferences overwrite the site-level preferences in DefaultPreferences and SitePreferences, and can be overwritten by user preferences (your personal topic, eg: WikiGuest in the Main web).


  • Set SKIN = nat
  • Set SKINSTYLE = plainjane
  • Set STYLEVARIATION = otpad
  • Set STYLEBORDER = thin
  • Set STYLESIDEBAR = left
  • Set STYLEPATH = NatSkin

  • Set TWIKICOLORSURL = /twiki/pub/Participator/colors.css

  • Set PAGETITLE = Otpad? Razmisli, odvoji, štedi!

Web Preferences Settings

These settings override the defaults for this web only. See full list of defaults with explanation. Many of the settings below area commented out. Remove the # sign to enable a local customisation.

  • List of topics of the Otpad web:

#B6C40F;float: right" _mce_style="background-color: <span class="wysiwyg_protected">%webbgcolor%</span>; float: right;" class='TMLhtml' > #B6C40F

  • Web-specific background color: (Pick a lighter one of the StandardColors).
    • Set WEBBGCOLOR = #B6C40F
    • Note: This setting is automatically configured when you create a web

  • Image, URL and alternate tooltip text of web's logo.
    Note: Don't add your own local logos to the ProjectLogos topic; create your own logos topic instead.

  • List this web in the SiteMap. If you want the web listed, then set SITEMAPLIST to on, do not set NOSEARCHALL, and add the "what" and "use to..." description for the site map. Use links that include the name of the web, i.e. Otpad.Topic links.
    Note: Unlike other variables, the setting of SITEMAPLIST is not inherited from parent webs. It has to be set in every web that is to be listed in the SiteMap
    • Set SITEMAPLIST = on
    • Set SITEMAPWHAT = Razmisli, odvoji, štedi!
    • Set SITEMAPUSETO = ...collaborate on waste management in Istria!
    • Note: Above settings are automatically configured when you create a web

  • Exclude web from a web="all" search: (Set to on for hidden webs).
    • Note: This setting is automatically configured when you create a web

  • Prevent automatic linking of WikiWords and acronyms (if set to on); link WikiWords (if empty); can be overwritten by web preferences:
    • #Set NOAUTOLINK =
    • Note: You can still use the [[...][...]] syntax to link topics if you disabled WikiWord linking. The <noautolink> ... </noautolink> syntax can be used to prevents links within a block of text.

  • Default template for new topics for this web:

  • Comma separated list of forms that can be attached to topics in this web. See DataForms for more information.
    • Set WEBFORMS =

  • Users or groups who are not / are allowed to view / change / rename topics in the Otpad web: (See AccessControl). Remove the # to enable any of these settings. Remember that an empty setting is a valid setting; setting DENYWEBVIEW to nothing means that anyone can view the web.

  • Users or groups allowed to change or rename this WebPreferences topic: (e.g., AdminGroup)
    • Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = IvicaPetrinic
    • Set ALLOWTOPICRENAME = nobody

  • Web preferences that are not allowed to be overridden by user or topic preferences:
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